Introducing HAPI

HAPI: Cybersecurity Suite for Everyone

HAPI is an on- and off-chain solution that provides a diverse set of data on malicious and fraudulent activity within the Blockchain space. HAPI is subdivided into two parts: Protocol part which is essentially an on-chain publicly available and accessible database on malicious addresses, activity and can be accessed both via Smart Contracts as well as API, and off-chain part that allows both users and business to utilize a real-time monitoring and vetting system of both Token Smart Contracts (common vulnerabilities) and Malicious Addresses. HAPI also utilizes machine learning for off-chain data processing and aggregates data from public and paid data points to ensure the highest accuracy of risk representation.

HAPI Use Cases

These are HAPI use cases:

  • Reporting and Alert System. HAPI enables anyone to report unlawful players to the database and alert those in the network in our real-time updating, and live-monitoring RCI (report and check interface). By simply staking HAPI and reporting malicious actors, you can help us make crypto a safer place!

  • Check address. HAPI offers a publicly available check functionality that allows vetting an address on the previously involved malicious activity. In this way, you can be sure that the address of an individual you are about to interact with hasn’t been engaged in any underhand schemes before.

  • Smart Contracts for DEX and DeFi Protocols. HAPI is the only security solution that embeds directly into DeFi and aids in Money Laundering prevention from within. We supply our Smart Contracts with the most accurate data from multiple sources and utilize our own cybersecurity department, HAPI Labs, to secure DeFi in the most efficient way possible.

  • HAPI Terminal. Real time monitoring and tracing of addresses, and generating transaction paths on the fly. Ability to find common vulnerabilities in the token Smart Contracts

  • On-chain Database. Publicly available and freely accessible database that allows anyone to connect to it via API call or Smart Contract integration

HAPI is More Than Just a Protocol

HAPI is not just a protocol. HAPI is the coalescence of a myriad of methods to contend with the deluge of exploits within the blockchain ecosystems. We are using the most robust, and technologically novel tools that help us to gain an edge in the battle against malicious intrusions. Live automated monitoring and tracing, address vetting and case categorization, case-by-case deep analysis of threats. Our team also provides a continuous involvement of HAPI Labs, a cybersecurity agency that consists of many security specialists that manually investigate each partner’s case.

HAPI makes a difference where difference is bound to be made! Created to prevent!

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