Key Actors

Tracers - entities that trace on-chain data including transactional activity and wallet addresses. With ability to flag, notify, and mark certain patterns of potentially illicit on-chain activity. These notices are then assessed and a verdict placed in the span of 24 hours.

DAO Team - consists of committee and members of the HAPI governance organization. The DAO Team is responsible for relaying, assessing, proposing, and enacticting propositions based on a plethora of factors. In essence DAO Team represents the foundation of a community incentivized cybersecurity database that is aimed at providing a self-subsisting and ever-growing storage of malicious addresses.

Oracle - suppliers of the off-chain data. They play a crucial role in merging two separate entities, namely Blockchain and data outside the boundaries of the blockchain. The data oracles relay in HAPI Protocol is unilateral, and mainly concerned with querying data from data providers and sending it to Mainchain SC.

Data Provider - provisional measure that allows HAPI Protocol to work "out-of-the-box" instead of waiting for a database to be amassed. Generally, a data provider is a purveyor of databases on illicit addresses. They also take under purview analysis, classification, and parsing of the on-chain data.

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