Working with reporter page

This guide explains how to access the HAPI Reporter Page and to interact with it as a reporter.


In order to add or modify data as a reporter, one should be whitelisted by authority with one of the folowing roles:

  • Authority – a reporter that acts on behalf of HAPI team (or a trusted partner) to update data based on community feedback

  • Publisher – a reporter that can start cases (example: a CEX that wants to report a theft)

  • Tracer – a reporter that follows the existing cases and reports new addresses that have been involved there

  • Validator – a reporter that makes sure that addresses reported by Tracers are connected to the case

Whitelisting is performed by HAPI authority account and is decided on case-by-case approach.

User does not have to be whitelisted to access read-only features (like Check Address).

Connecting a wallet

First thing you need is to connect your whitelisted wallet to application. Use “Select Wallet” button for that. The following Solana wallets are supported right now:

Reporter activation

In order to do anything with a connected reporter account, you’ll have to activate it first. That means that you’ll stake a required amount of HAPI tokens depending on the reporter role. You can then deactivate the reporter account at any time, but you’ll be able to withdraw the unstaked tokens only after a cooldown period (currently 3 epochs). You can’t operate the account during that time.

Activation, deactivation and stake withdrawal can be performed from the wallet section of the interface accessed from the top right button on the page with your account address on it.

Check address

To check an address, go to “Check address” panel, select the network and enter the address into the text input. Click “Check” button to receive a popup stating the address current security status. This feature available for all users (even without a wallet connected).

Report address

To report an address, go to “Report address” panel. You must specify a case for the reported address, so select it from existing cases (use “Search” input to find one) or create a new case by clicking “Add New Case” button and enter a name for it. You’ll have to confirm the transaction in your wallet of choice to create a new case.

Only reporters with roles Authority and Publisher can create cases.

After you’ve found (or created) the needed case, open it and press “Add Address“ button. Select target blockchain in the opened popup and enter the address. The system will check if this address has already been added. If no, proceed with selecting a category and risk score (0..10). Click “Add Address” and confirm the transaction in your wallet to finalize the report.

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