HAPI Roadmap 2023

We are excited to announce our brand new roadmap for the upcoming Year 2023!

We have a lot of ambitious plans that we are hellbent on executing with the same ardor as we have done in 2022!

So let’s what’s next in store for HAPI!


For the first quarter of 2023 we are preparing a new staking mechanism that will help to incentivized our community even more. There also will be a whole lot of development for HAPI Labs and core oracle functionality


The second quarter will unveil one of our most ambitious plans for this year namely Incentivized Cybersecurity Hub that will serve as an extension for ScamFari! More data providers, easy API connectivity and more in store!


For the third quarter, HAPI will be on the path of being transformed into institutional grade forensics and investigation tool! We are also planning to comprehensive expand information available to the public namely transformed Explorer, and “HAPI for retail”.


The last quarter will be the summation of the whole year. We plan to reach an ambitious but totally achievable goal of 70000 requests in 24 hour period; new Blockchains being introduced, and further steps towards institutional adoption!

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