Token sale details

The total token supply is $HAPI 1M, with $HAPI 460K offered in three token sale rounds.

HAI round

Our most exclusive and valuable round is reserved and held specifically for the Hacken community. $HAPI 240K will be offered at the price of USD 5. The initial unlock schedule equals 10% from the purchase amount and 10% monthly.

Maximum amount per 1 VeChain address is $HAI 500K.

Oversubscribed HAI would be returned to HAI holders proportionally.

Private round

The private round was held on ETH for strategic partners. $HAPI 190K will be offered at the price of USD 7.5. The initial unlock schedule is 15% of the purchase amount with 10% monthly later on. Minimum amount is USD 50K, maximum is USD 100K per one wallet address.

Public round

During the public sale, we will offer $HAPI 30K at the price of USD 10.

Creating liquidity pool

$HAPI 120K and the corresponding amount of ETH at the public round price will be locked in HAPI/ETH pool on Uniswap for one year.

Farming HAPI token

$HAPI 180K will be farmed over three years via token staking. The accrual system is proportional. The farming system is uniform.

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