Dual Categorization Mechanism in HAPI’s SC

The backdrop of classifying the transaction's likelihood of being fraudulent is denoted by two simple categorical subdivisions. A transaction can either be "risky" or "non-risky". The binary system of categorization enables an easier, more streamlined, and lower overhead of the processing system that will be sufficiently effective in denotation.

The long-term goal, however, is to construct a more complex system that will include a far wider domain for categories and will further subclassify them into case categories. This will include:

  • Pending Assessment of transactions. In basic terms, it indicates that a given address is provisionally terminated from accessing an entity in question (CEX, DEX, or DeFi project, for instance, liquidity provider), for the time being, transaction and, particularly, an address assessed, is under meticulous investigation of the HAPI governance system and its members, commonly addressed as a committee.

  • Tier-dependent categorization based on datasets.

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